Tuesday, June 28, 2011

US Patent 7967457 - CNT grid for solar concentrator


This patent teaches a way to replace Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) used in solar grids with carbon nanotube material which may provide less expensive and more durable grids. Claim 1 reads:

1. A solar concentrator equipment comprising:

a) at least one layer of active electronic control grid on the outer surface of said solar concentrator equipment;

b) said control grid activated by a microprocessor;

c) said control grid forming a matrix of orthogonal lines;

d) said orthogonal lines having voltage nodes at the intersection junctions;

e) wherein said active electronic control grid being optically transparent in the wavelength range of about 2000 to approximately 7500 Angstroms; and

f) said active electronic control grid of said solar concentrator equipment having a grid structure composed of nanotubes.