Thursday, June 23, 2011

US Patent 7965156 - CNT resonator

This latest patent from Nantero teaches how to use carbon nanotube fabrics to obtain smaller, cheaper, lower power and higher performing resonators for application in wireless communications. Claim 1 reads:

1. A resonator, comprising:

a nanotube element comprising a non-woven fabric of unaligned nanotubes and having a thickness, and a support structure defining a gap over which the nanotube element is suspended, the thickness of the nanotube element and the length of the gap being selected to provide a pre-specified resonance frequency for the resonator;

a conductive element in electrical contact with the nanotube element;

a drive electrode in spaced relation to the nanotube element; and

power logic in electrical contact with the at least one drive electrode, the power logic providing a series of electrical pulses at a frequency selected to be about the same as the pre-specified resonance frequency of the resonator to the drive electrode during operation of the resonator, such that the nanotube element responds to the series of electrical pulses applied to the drive electrode by making a series of mechanical motions at the resonance frequency of the resonator.