Wednesday, February 16, 2011

US Patent 7888169 - Organic transistor formed from nanoparticle ink

This patent is from a company called OrganicID Inc. and teaches a bottom gate organic transistor formed with Ag nanoparticle ink for applications including displays, sensors, and RFID. Claim 1 reads:

1. A method of manufacturing an organic transistor, comprising:

providing a substrate;

forming a gate electrode on the substrate;

selectively forming nanoparticle ink on the gate electrode to form posts;

selectively forming a dielectric material on the substrate;

flash annealing the nanoparticle ink with an energy having wavelengths ranging from about 250 nm to about 1100 nm or higher, wherein the flash annealing comprises preventing energy having wavelengths from about 250 nm to about 350 nm from irradiating the nanoparticle ink, and wherein the flash annealing cures the nanoparticle ink and simultaneously forms vias in the dielectric layer above the posts;

forming source/drain electrodes in electrical communication with the posts; and

forming an organic semiconductor layer on the substrate.