Thursday, December 24, 2009

US Patent 7635856 - Vertical CNT FET with nitride block spacer

At this point there are a wide variety of proposals for field effect transistors formed with carbon nanotube channels from companies including Micron Technology, Infineon, and Samsung. This latest variation is from IBM and includes the feature of nitride spacer material for a cylindrical gate nanotube FET. Claim 1 reads:

1. A carbon-nanotube field effect transistor semiconductor device comprising:

a vertical carbon-nanotube wrapped in a dielectric material;

a source formed at a first end of the carbon-nanotube;

a drain formed at a second end of the carbon-nanotube;

a nitride block structure comprising a first nitride layer and a second nitride layer disposed above the first nitride layer, wherein the nitride block structure is disposed at side portions of the carbon-nanotube; and

a gate metal pillar wrapping the dielectric material and separating the first and second nitride layers.