Tuesday, January 15, 2008

US Patent 7318651 - Multicolor quantum dot flash module


Depending on the type of light source used for the flash from various cameras a different color tint may appear in the captured image. This patent from Avago Technologies teaches the use of quantum dots to produce red, green, and blue LEDs for a flash module to control the color temperature of the flash. Claim 14 reads:

14. A flash module comprising: a first light source emitting a first primary light and having a first wavelength-converting overlay disposed on the first light source providing a first color of light, the first wavelength-converting overlay including matrix material, and a first plurality of quantum dots dispersed in the matrix material; a second light source providing a second color of light; and a third light source providing a third color of light wherein the flash module mixes light from the first light source, the second light source, and the third light source to provide essentially white light.