Thursday, April 12, 2012

US Patent 8154011+8154012 - CNT thin film transistors

These two patents come from Foxconn and include some broad claims for high mobility thin film transistors formed using aligned carbon nanotube films as a semiconductor layer. Claim 1 of the '012 patent reads: 

1. A thin film transistor comprising:

a source electrode;

a drain electrode spaced from the source electrode;

a semiconducting layer connected to the source electrode and the drain electrode;

an insulating layer; and

a gate electrode insulated from the source electrode, the drain electrode, and the semiconducting layer by the insulating layer;

wherein the semiconducting layer comprises a carbon nanotube film, and the carbon nanotube film comprises a plurality of carbon nanotubes primarily oriented along a same direction and joined end to end by van der Waals attractive force, and the plurality of carbon nanotubes are oriented along a direction from the source electrode to the drain electrode.

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