Tuesday, June 14, 2011

US Patent 7959690 - Nanoparticles for soot reduction


This patent from the University of Central Florida teaches an oxygen storage composition including nanoparticles to provide vehicular combustion processes with a reduction in soot production and increased efficiency. Claim 1 reads:

1. An efficient system and process for obtaining vehicular fuel efficiency, comprising:

adding an oxygen storage component consisting of a plurality of agglomerate-free, spherical nano-sized particles wherein the particle size is less than approximately 10 nanometers (nm) in diameter to a carrier liquid for the plurality of nano-sized particles to facilitate combustion of fuel;

adding a hydrocarbon fuel to the carrier liquid containing nano-sized particles;

mixing the plurality of nano-sized particles with the carrier liquid and the hydrocarbon fuel by agitating until the plurality of nano-sized particles are suspended uniformly in the hydrocarbon fuel; and

igniting the mixture of hydrocarbon fuel and the uniformly suspended nano-sized particles wherein the mixture is combusted in a vehicular combustion chamber thereby obtaining a reduction in soot and by-products of combustion and an increase in fuel efficiency.