Sunday, March 20, 2011

US Patent 7906354 - Light emitting nanowire device

Over the past several years a few different designs have been proposed to use vertical semiconductor nanowire arrays to form LEDs and facilitate the use of inexpensive substrates such as glass for the LEDs. This patent from Eastman Kodak teaches one alternative suggested to provide easier electrical contacts for the nanowires. Claim 1 reads:

14. An integrated light emitting nanowire device comprising:

(a) a plurality of spaced light emitting semiconductor nanowires each having top and bottom surfaces;

(b) dielectric material disposed between the spaced light emitting semiconductor nanowires;

(c) a first electrode in direct contact with the top surface of the nanowires;

(d) a conductive connection layer in contact with the first electrode;

(e) a second electrode in direct contact with the bottom surface of the nanowires;

(f) a device substrate in contact with the conductive connection layer; and

(g) either the first or second electrode is transparent to permit light to be transmitted through the transparent electrode.