Monday, August 23, 2010

US Patent 7778061 - Read/write system for nanoscale memristor memory

Crossbar nanoelectronics was originally proposed by Hewlett-Packard for molecular electronics. In recent years HP has moved away from using molecules toward using metal oxide thin film materials referred to as "memristors." This latest patent teaches a read/write architecture which provides an interface between microscale and nanoscale signal lines. Claim 1 reads:    

1. A crossbar-memory system comprising:

a first layer of microscale signal lines and a second layer of microscale signal lines;

a first layer of one or more nanowires configured so that each first layer nanowire overlaps each first layer microscale signal line;

a second layer of one or more nanowires configured so that each second layer nanowire overlaps each second layer microscale signal line and overlaps each first layer nanowire;

nonlinear-tunneling resistors configured to selectively connect first layer nanowires to first layer microscale signal lines and to selectively connect second layer nanowires to second layer microscale signal lines; and

nonlinear tunneling-hysteretic resistors configured to connect each first layer nanowire to each second layer nanowire at each crossbar intersection.