Monday, August 16, 2010

US Patent 7772059 - Graphene transistors formed from SiC layer

IBM and Alcatel-Lucent have already patented their versions of graphene transistors. Texas Instruments have now patented their own version based on a graphene channel formed from SiC. Claim 1 reads: 

1. A method of fabricating a transistor device, comprising the steps of:

providing a substrate forming an upper silicon layer mesa island at a surface of the substrate;

forming graphene layers by first carbonizing the silicon layer into SiC utilizing a gaseous source and then converting the SiC into graphene layers;

after forming the graphene layers, forming source/drain regions by depositing source/drain material on opposite longitudinal ends of the graphene layers and ion implanting the source/drain material;

forming gate oxide between the source/drain regions on the graphene layers; and

forming gate material over the gate oxide.