Wednesday, December 30, 2009

US Patent 7638252 - Electrophotographic printing of nanowire electronics

Inkjet and silkscreen printing techniques have been adapted over the past several years to the deposition of nanoparticles for electronics. This patent from HP teaches an alternative nanoelectronic printing method using electrophotography. Claim 15 reads:

15. A method of forming an electrical device, comprising the step of:

electrophotographically printing a particulate material on a device substrate, said particulate material forming at least a portion of the electrical device, and having an aspect ratio of at least about 10:1, wherein the step of electrophotographically printing, comprises the steps of:

a) forming a first electrostatic latent image on a photoreceptor drum;

b) contacting the first electrostatic latent image with the particulate material such that at least a portion of the particulate material electrostatically adheres to the electrostatic latent image to form a first patterned particulate layer; and

c) transferring the first patterned particulate layer to the device substrate.