Tuesday, May 19, 2009

US Patent 7534453 - Cerium oxide nanoparticles for enhanced brain cell survivability


This patent from the University of Central Florida Research Foundation teaches that cerium oxide nanoparticles are useful to reduce damage from free radicals offering a potential treatment for stroke and traumatic brain injuries. Claim 1 reads:

1. A method for enhancing the survivability of living biological cells comprising:

selecting a plurality of living biological cells, wherein the cells are brain cells;

adding in-vitro, one single application of non agglomerated, ultra fine, engineered nanoparticles of cerium oxide of the size approximately 2 nm to approximately 10 nm wherein the nanoparticles contain a plurality of oxygen vacancies in a lattice structure and the oxygen vacancies support biological activity as free radical scavengers to cultures of the plurality of living brain cells; and

enhancing a lifespan of the living brain cell cultures when the cerium oxide particles function as a regenerative free radical scavenger wherein after one free radical scavenging event has occurred, the cerium oxide particles remain biologically available for more than one free radical scavenging event.