Wednesday, April 09, 2008

US Patent 7355216 - Nanofluidics using non-carbon nanotube

Nanofluidics uses structures of nanometer dimensions to analyze fluids on a molecular level. One of the key elements for nanofluidic devices is a fluid transport structure with a diameter on the scale of nanometers. This patent from the University of California notes that carbon based nanotubes are largely hydrophobic and unsuitable for nanofluidic applications and teaches the fabrication of alternative non-carbon nanotubes as fluidic transport elements.

1. A fluidic nanotube, comprising: a tubular member having first and second ends, and an inner bore between said first and second ends; said tubular member having a non-porous inner wall; said tubular member comprising a non-carbon, hydrophilic material; wherein said nanotube comprises a single crystalline structure.