Monday, May 07, 2012

arXiv vs. viXra

The arXiv was established in 1991 as an openly accessible resource for publishing preprints in various areas of science and mathematics and provides a mechanism for worldwide distribution prior to peer review. One issue that has emerged in recent years relating to the arXiv is the use of blacklisting to exclude researchers who are perceived as outside of the mainstream. There was an interesting online debate on the topic a few years ago (link) and a website ( was formed to document cases of blacklisted researchers (including Brian Josephson who won the Nobel Prize for the Josephson junction).

A new electronic preprint archive named viXra was set up in 2009 as an alternative to the arXiv in response to the blacklisting claims. Based on a brief review of the contents of viXra it seems some of the submissions are a little outlandish (such as efforts to disprove Einstein's theory of relativity). However, viXra does offer the feature of providing user feedback and may provide a good database for alternative theories in science and mathematics falling outside of the mainstream.