Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Memresistor company bought by Rambus

The company Rambus has reportedly bought Unity Semiconductor for $35 million (link). Unity is one of the first companies to innovate in the area of metal oxide RRAM and holds many of the basic patents in this area (link). Hewlett-Packard had attracted much interest in recent years based on relabeling many of the innovations of Unity Semiconductor as a "memristor" and issuing press releases claiming credit for Unity's inventions. I recently debunked the theoretical concept of the memristor in a paper I posted on ArXiv (link).

It is actually somewhat strange to me that Rambus was able to buy Unity. The last I had heard Unity was in a 2 year development deal with Micron Technology (link). My understanding is that Rambus and Micron have a very contentious history. Micron Technology recently won an anti-trust case against Rambus (link) and Rambus has apparently been fighting Micron, Infineon, and Hynix Semiconductor (aka the "Three Amigos") for several years (link). Why would Micron allow Rambus to gain control of Unity especially since HP has been working with Hynix Semiconductor to release metal oxide RRAM in 2013?

In related news Micron CEO Steve Appleton was recently killed in a plane crash (link).