Tuesday, August 30, 2011

US Patent 8007617 - CNT transfer deposition


Most methods for growing carbon nanotubes on a substrate produce vertical or near vertical arrays which are non-ideal for some applications such as sensors and transistors. This patent from Samsung teaches using a vertical nanotube array as source material to transfer and align nanotubes on a second substrate in order to produce horizontally oriented carbon nanotubes. Claim 1 reads:

1. A method of transferring carbon nanotubes comprising:

vertically forming carbon nanotubes on a first substrate;

providing a second substrate;

aligning the first substrate with the second substrate so that the carbon nanotubes face the second substrate; and

transferring the carbon nanotubes onto the second substrate by pressing the first substrate onto the second substrate and pushing the first substrate in a direction perpendicular to a direction in which the first substrate is pressed onto the second substrate to arrange the carbon nanotubes in a direction parallel to a surface of the second substrate on which the nanotubes are transferred,

wherein transferring the carbon nanotubes comprises transferring the carbon nanotubes onto the second substrate to be attached in a horizontal direction with respect to the second substrate.