Monday, July 18, 2011

US Patents 7977007 and 7977013 - Nanowire based membrane electrode assemblies for fuel cells

These two latest patents from Nanosys includes basic claims covering nanowire structures used to enhance the efficiency of fuel cells.

1. A nanostructured catalyst support for a membrane electrode assembly of a fuel cell comprising an interconnected network of nanowires each having a metal catalyst deposited thereon wherein the catalyst metal comprises nanoparticles having a diameter less than about 10 nm, wherein the nanowire network defines a plurality of pores between the nanowires in the network, wherein the plurality of pores have an effective pore size of less than about 10 microns.

1. A nanowire for use in a fuel cell wherein the nanowire comprises a core which comprises silicon and at least one shell layer which comprises silicon carbide (SiC) having a catalyst metal and/or proton conducting coating deposited thereon.