Tuesday, April 19, 2011

US Patent 7926554 - Heat dissipation system using nanoparticles


Both Intel and Hon Hai Precision (Foxconn) are focusing much of their nanomaterials research on developing new systems for cooling semiconductor devices. This latest patent from Hon Hai Precision teaches one variation including boron nitride nanoparticles disposed in a cooling fluid. Claim 1 reads:

1. A liquid-cooled heat dissipation system comprising:

a heat absorber;

a heat dissipating member;

two connecting pipes connecting the heat absorber and the heat dissipating member to form a circuit; and

a working fluid filled in the heat absorber, the heat dissipating member, and the connecting pipes and being capable of circulating in the circuit;

the working fluid comprising a base fluid, and a plurality of nanoparticles and a protective agent dispersed in the base fluid, a percentage by weight of the nanoparticles in the working fluid being in a range from 0.1% to 3%.