Thursday, November 11, 2010

US Patent 7829443 - GaN nanowire LEDs

This latest patent from QuNano teaches manufacturing techniques use to grow array of GaN nanowires for LEDs which can reduce defect densities relative to GaN films. Claim 22 reads:

22. A semiconductor device comprising a plurality of nanowires, the nanowires epitaxially connected to and upstanding from a substrate, wherein:

in at least a majority of the nanowires each nanowire has the same crystal structure through its respective entire length;

the nanowires are provided with a volume element comprising at least one shell layer;

the semiconductor device is a LED;

the plurality of nanowires are individual nanostructured LEDs; and

a pn-junction is provided by the nanowires combined with their respective volume elements, such that the nanowires are doped one of n or p-type and the volume element is doped another one of p or n type.