Monday, April 05, 2010

US Patent 7689367 - Atomic modeling using Blacklight Theory

Blacklight Power is a somewhat controversial company which has developed energy technology based on a new physic model attempting to explain experimental results related to cold fusion research. This type of application usually raises some 35 USC 101 questions at the USPTO and the prosecution history appears fairly interesting including numerous letters from U.S. Senators, Internet postings debating the merits, and declarations from various scientists.


A method and system of physically solving the charge, mass, and current density functions of excited-state atoms and atomic ions using Maxwell's equations and computing and rendering the nature of excited-state electrons using the solutions. The results can be displayed on visual or graphical media. The display can be static or dynamic such that electron spin and rotation motion can be displayed in an embodiment. The displayed information is useful to anticipate reactivity and physical properties. The insight into the nature of excited-state electrons can permit the solution and display of those of other atoms and atomic ions and provide utility to anticipate their reactivity and physical properties as well as spectral absorption and emission to lead to new optical materials and light sources.