Tuesday, August 07, 2007

US Patent 7252265 - Flying cellphone


This patent involves an invention which seems somewhat foolish at first glance but when you consider the number of increasing functions as well as size reduction of cellphones I guess it is to be expected. Basically a propulsion device is attached to a cell phone to create a hovering device capable of remote observation (via the cellphone's camera). Claim 1 reads:

1. An aircraft in combination with a cellular phone, the aircraft comprising: a body having at least four ring-shaped co-planar rotors; a plurality of motors, each motor operative to control a respective one of said rotors; and an electronic controller operative to control said plurality of motors, wherein, the aircraft is attachable to at least a portion of the cellular phone in a removable manner, and wherein the aircraft is smaller in size than the cellular phone, such that when the aircraft is attached to the cellular phone, the aircraft forms a removable wall portion of the cellular phone.