Wednesday, March 28, 2007

US Patent 7195938 - Nanotube coating for field emitter fabrication

Nano-proprietary is a very active player in the application of electron emitting carbon nanotubes. They have the licence of the basic patent for this technology and are commercializing a new type of flat panel display using surface electron emission displays (SEDs). This patent claims a fabrication method which provides SED fabrication using low tech. solutions. Carbon nanotubes are printed on a substrate using inkjet technology and scotch tape is used to remove access nanotubes leaving a sufficient density to form the SEDs.

1. A method for making a field emission cathode comprising the steps of: depositing a carbon nanotube ("CNT") mixture on a cathode structure using a spraying process; contacting the deposited CNT mixture with an adhesive material; and separating the adhesive material from the deposited CNT mixture.

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