Sunday, November 26, 2006

US Patent 7137803 - Fluid Pressure Nanostamp

In order for a nanoimprint lithography stamp to transfer a pattern uniformly equal pressure has to be applied to all areas of the stamp. This is difficult with traditional stamps that employ mechanical presses to apply the pressure. This patent proposes the use of pressurized fluid as an alternative. Claim 1 reads:

1. Apparatus for processing a substrate comprising: a moldable layer disposed on a surface of the substrate; a mold with a molding surface comprising a pattern having a plurality of protruding features disposed adjacent the moldable layer wherein at least two of the protruding features are spaced apart less than 200 nanometers; and a seal for sealing a region between the moldable layer and the molding surface from the pressurized fluid; and a pressure vessel containing pressurized fluid for supplying pressurized fluid to isostatically press together the molding surface and the moldable layer thereby imprinting the pattern in the moldable layer.