Monday, November 20, 2006

US Patent 7135728 - Nanowire Array Transistor using Single Nanowire Type

This is a fairly basic patent from Nanosys for a nanowire array transistor and differentiates itself from the prior art by using only a single type of conductivity for the nanowires. Allegedly the prior art techniques included semiconducting and metallic nanowire mixtures.

1. A device comprising: a substrate; a thin film consisting of a plurality of nanowires or a plurality of nanowires in solution-on the substrate, wherein each of said plurality of nanowires have a same conductive property as each of the other nanowires in said thin film; a first source contact and a first drain contact formed in or on the substrate, wherein at least two or more of the plurality of nanowires form a channel between said first source and drain contacts; and a first gate contact formed on, above or below said at least two or more nanowires.