Monday, September 11, 2006

Nanotechnology Patent Statistics

Recently I published an article in Nanotechnology Law & Business Journal ( providing detailed statistics on various aspects of US nanotechnology patents. The article examines many aspects of US nanotechnology patent distribution over the last few years and examines the distribution and top patent holders among corporations, universities, govt./military, and individual inventors based on the newly created U.S. patent class in nanotechnology (class 977).

As an extension of the analysis from the above article (and as an exclusive feature to TinyTechIP) I will soon be posting listings of the top US patents according to patent claim breadth in the following areas:

a) Nanostructure
b) Nanoscale Detection
c) Nanoscale Fabrication
d) Nanotechnology Medical Applications
e) Nanotechnoogy Electrical Applications

Stay tuned...