Thursday, June 21, 2012

US Patent 8203171 - Defective graphene "memristor"

Despite the fact that Chua's memristor theory is an incorrect model for ReRAM switching processes HP continues to use the term in their patents to make the term generic. This latest patent of HP teaches a graphene variation of ReRAM. Another variation of graphene ReRAM was patented by SanDisk 3D (US 8048074). It will be interesting to see whether HP's incorrect use of the memristor term will introduce any 35 USC 112 enablement issues if their patents are litigated. Claim 1 of this HP patent reads:

1. A defective graphene-based memristor, comprising:

a first electrode;

a defective graphene structure adjacent the first electrode, the defective graphene structure comprising a defective graphene layer having one or more engineered defects, wherein an engineered defect comprises a nanopore;

a memristive material adjacent the defective graphene structure, the memristive material comprising a plurality of ions;

a second electrode adjacent the memristive material; and

a voltage source that generates an electric field between the first and the second electrodes, wherein the plurality of ions in the memristive material, under the influence of the electric field, form an ion conducting channel between the second electrode and the defective graphene structure.