Thursday, March 01, 2012

US Patent 8125824 - Nanotube RAM (NRAM)

The nanotube electronics pioneer Nantero have a partnership with Lockheed Martin. This patent from Lockheed Martin appears as a variation of Nantero's technology for nanotube random access memory. Claim 1 reads:

1. A nanotube random access memory (NRAM) structure, comprising:

a first substrate;

a first gate electrode disposed in the first substrate;

a first nanotube fabric disposed on the first substrate, the first nanotube fabric having a channel region spaced apart from the first gate electrode by a first portion of the first substrate;

a first drain contact contacting the first nanotube fabric;

a second nanotube fabric disposed on the first substrate and adjacent the first nanotube fabric, the second nanotube fabric connected to the first nanotube fabric; and

a first source contact contacting the second nanotube fabric,

wherein the first nanotube fabric is a high-voltage fabric compared to the second nanotube fabric such that when a voltage is applied across the first nanotube fabric and the second nanotube fabric via the first drain contact and the first source contact, the second nanotube fabric is permitted to switch without switching the first nanotube fabric.