Tuesday, August 09, 2011

US Patent 7993412 - Nanofibers as a neural biomaterial


This patent from Purdue Research Foundation describes how CNT-polymer nanomaterials can be useful in achieving improved biocompatibility for neural implants. Claim 1 reads:

1. Use of a neural implant that enhances proliferation of neural tissue and minimizes scar formation comprising:

(a) obtaining a neural implantable device comprising a composite nanomaterial, said nanomaterial comprising carbon nanofiber material with nanofibers about 2 to 200 nm in width and a polymer matrix, wherein said nanomaterial is a polyurethane-carbon nanofiber composite, said carbon nanofibers comprise carbon nanotubes, and said carbon nanotubes are functionalized with 4-hydroxynonenal; and

(b) securing the implantable device in the neural tissue where proliferation of neuronal tissue is desired.