Tuesday, February 01, 2011

US Patent 7878203 - Phototherapeutic treatment with nanoparticle composite


Light therapy uses visible and near-infrared light to promote circulation and help replace damaged cells. This patent from MedX Health Corp. teaches a method using nanocrystals incorporated into a structure shaped to wrap around joints (e.g. wrist, elbow, knee) in order to direct light of the proper wavelength to optimize the light therapy. Claim 1 reads:

1. A method comprising:

incorporating into a passive host medium nanoparticles that emit electromagnetic radiation in response to being irradiated by an external excitation source, the host medium being formed of geometrically configurable material thereby to enable the passive host medium to conform generally to the shape of a target region of a subject to be therapeutically treated, the nanoparticles being distributed generally throughout said passive host medium;

bringing said host medium into proximity to said target region with said host medium substantially conforming to the shape of said target;

subjecting the host medium to radiation emitted by the external excitation source to excite the nanoparticles; and

irradiating the target region of said subject with electromagnetic radiation emitted by the distributed nanoparticles generally throughout said passive host medium for an effective period of time,

wherein said nanoparticles emit electromagnetic radiation for therapeutic purposes and at a therapeutically effective level thereby to treat said subject.