Sunday, September 05, 2010

US Patent 7786440 - Nanowire multispectral imaging array

Infrared imaging devices are used in applications such as fire detection, machine overheating, and weapon detection. This patent from Honeywell teaches a way to implement these imaging devices with thermoelectric nanowires allowing higher spatial resolution and higher reading speed. Claim 1 reads:

1. A multispectral imaging array system, comprising:

a substrate;

a plurality of antennas located with respect to one another on said substrate, such that a plurality of respective gaps is formed between each antenna among said plurality of antennas;

at least one nanowire located in at least one gap on said substrate among said plurality of respective gaps, wherein said at least one nanowire is in communication with said plurality of antennas and said substrate; and

a plurality of local packages covering each of said plurality of respective gaps provided to protect said at least one nanowire located in said at least one gap and to provide a low ambient pressure.