Thursday, September 02, 2010

US Patent 7785669 - Method for making high density CNT array

In order to optimize the use of carbon nanotube arrays for thermal and electrical conduction it is important to have a high density of the nanotubes. However, typical CVD methods used to grow the nanotube produce insufficient density. This patent from Tsinghua University teaches a clever shrink wrap type of strategy to increase nanotube density. Claim 1 reads:  

1. A method for making a high-density carbon nanotube array, the method comprising the steps of:

(a) providing a substrate having a carbon nanotube array formed thereon;

(b) providing an elastic film;

(c) stretching the elastic film uniformly, and covering the elastic film on the carbon nanotube array;

(d) applying a pressure uniformly on the elastic film, and shrinking the elastic film and the carbon nanotube array under the pressure; and

(e) separating the carbon nanotube array from the elastic film to acquire a high-density carbon nanotube array.