Thursday, July 08, 2010

US Patent 7750285 - Photoconductive CNT optical sensor

This patent from Japanese researchers teaches a way to use carbon nanotubes to construct photosensors and integrate them with field effect transistors. Claim 1 reads:

1. An optical sensor characterized by comprising:

a photoconductive material layer, which generates a carrier inside when irradiated with a light or an electromagnetic wave, and

a transparent or translucent insulating layer formed on said photoconductive material layer, and

a carbon nanotube formed on said insulating layer, and

electrodes connected to opposite ends of said carbon nanotube, wherein;

said photoconductive material layer is irradiated with said light or electromagnetic wave through said transparent or translucent insulating layer;

a predetermined voltage is applied between said two electrodes, and said carrier, which is generated within said photoconductive material layer by irradiation of said light or electromagnetic wave, is sensed through change of electrical conduction of said carbon nanotube.

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