Thursday, October 29, 2009

US Patent 7608240 - Cancer treatment with boron nitride nanotubes

Subjecting boron atoms to low energy neutrons has been found to disintegrate malignant cells. This patent from the University of Arkansas teaches the use of boron nitride nanotubes to achieve this effect for cancer treatment. Claim 1 reads:

1. A method for treating cancer, said method comprising:

a) attaching a first antibody species to nanovessels to form a nanovessel-antibody composite species;

b) introducing said nanovessel-antibody composite species into a mammal such that said nanovessel-antibody composite species selectively targets at least one type of cancerous cell; and

c) exploding said nanovessels using at least one frequency of ultrasonic waves; wherein said at least one frequency of ultrasonic waves is adjusted to be absorbed by said nanovessels;

d) attaching a second antibody species to BN nanostructures to form a BN nanostructure-antibody composite species, wherein said first antibody species and said second antibody species are selected from the group consisting of the same antibody species, different antibody species, and combinations thereof;

e) administering said BN nano structure-antibody composite species to said mammal such that said BN nanostructure-antibody composite species selectively targets at least one tumor within said mammal; and

f) activating at least some of the boron atoms in said BN nanostructure-antibody composite species.