Thursday, September 04, 2008

US Patents 7419624 + 7419651 - Fullerene nanotubes

Many of the basic fabrication methods for single walled nanotube production have come from research out of Rice University. While most of Rice's patents have previously focused on the single walled carbon nanotube type, a recent set of issued patents based on continuations (with priority going back to the 1990's) have extended the patent coverage to "fullerene nanotubes" which may include double or multiwall nanotubes types that are being explored as field emitters and transparent electrodes in electronics and display applications.

US Patent 7419624 - Claims 1 and 3

1. A method of producing a composite material comprising fullerene nanotube material, wherein said fullerene nanotube material comprises fibers of fullerene nanotubes, and wherein said method comprises:
(a) preparing an assembly of a fibrous material;
(b) adding said fullerene nanotube material to said fibrous material; and
(c) adding a matrix material to said fullerene nanotube material and said fibrous material.

3. A composite material comprising fullerene nanotubes, a fibrous structural constituent and a matrix material, wherein the matrix material comprises a polymer and the fibrous structural constituent comprises carbon, and wherein the fullerene nanotubes comprise fullerene nanotube fibers.

(US Patent 7419651) Claims 1 and 13

1. A three-dimensional structure that self-assembles from derivatized fullerene nanotubes comprising: a plurality of multifunctional fullerene nanotubes assembled into said three-dimensional structure.

13. A structure formed by the process comprising:
(a) providing fullerene nanotubes derivatized with at least one functionally-specific agent;
(b) exposing the derivatized nanotubes to another moiety for which the functionally-specific agent has an attraction; and
(c) recovering assemblies formed by the derivatized nanotubes.

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