Wednesday, October 03, 2007

US Patent 7276185 - Fused silver nanocrystal electrical conductor

Using microsized and nanosized metallic particles as fillers is known to achieve a variety of conductive polymers and adhesives. However, difficulty in handling nanoscale particles and the lack of a uniform distribution of such particles in a binding matrix have made it difficult to form conductors with nanocrystalline metals. This patent from Denso Corporation teaches a sintering process to form silver microparticles from nanocrystals to facilitate the incorporation of these materials in a matrix. Claim 1 reads:

1. A conductor composition comprising conductive particles (30a) with electrical conductivity and a solvent, wherein said conductive particles (30a) comprise crystallized Ag fillers (31) having a crystal size of 10 nm or less, and each of said crystallized Ag fillers (31) having a particle diameter of 0.1 .mu.m or more and 20 .mu.m or less.

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