Wednesday, May 16, 2007

US Patent 7217748 - Polymer chain grafted carbon nanocapsule

Carbon nanocapsules are basically onionlike arrangements of hollow carbon spheres with applications in light and heat absorption, electromagnetic shielding, organic light emission, solar energy reception, catalysts, sensors, carbon electrodes in lithium batteries, thermally conductive nanoscale composite materials with special electrical properties, and nanoscale carbon powder for printing. This patent from Industrial Technology Research Institute provides a basic claim to a polymer/nanocapsule composite structure. Claim 1 reads:

1. A polymer-chain-grafted carbon nanocapsule, comprising: a carbon nanocapsule; and at least one kind of polymer chain grafted thereon, forming a polymer-chain-grafted carbon nanocapsule in which the carbon nanocapsule is the core thereof, wherein the polymer-chain-grafted carbon nanocapsule is of the following formula: F(-P)m, in which F is the carbon nanocapsule, P is the polymer chain, and m is the number of the polymer chain.

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