Monday, November 06, 2006

US Patent 7131105 - MEMS Analysis Software

Software for computer aided circuit design and simulation is quite common. The techniques used to model circuits have been extended over the past few years to MEMS and even to modeling theoretical molecular systems. This patent proposes an improved software analysis system for MEMS designs which uses a computer generating mesh tool as opposed to the prior art which employed user input to generate the mesh. (Note: mesh refers to the way of dividing a continuous element into discrete portions to enable numerical evaluation.)

1. In a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Environment, a method for automatic mesh generation comprising the steps of: composing a schematic MEMS(Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) design suitable for system-level simulations, said MEMS design including a plurality of components, each said component of said plurality of components being associated with a mesh generator, each said mesh generator being computer instructions describing how to create a mesh for the associated component; providing a mesh generation tool, said mesh generation tool using at least one of said plurality of mesh generators to automaticlly generate at least one mesh that represents at least one of a MEMS device that is the subject of said schematic MEMS design and a user-defined sub-assembly; and using said at least one mesh automatically generated from said schematic MEMS design as input for a numerical PDE (Partial Differential Equation) solver in a simulation environment, said PDE solver verifying approximations made in said system-level simulations of said MEMS design.