Thursday, October 05, 2006

US Patents 7115901 and 7115960 - Electromechanical Nanotube FETs

Nantero is a company that is making great strides in nanotube-based electronics and is arguably the world leader in the field. Their technology uses nanotubes as electromechanical switches and provides such benefits as resistance to electrostatic shock and reconfigurable electronic architectures. While initially exploited in memory devices, these two recent patents seem fairly fundamental to this technology with applications outside of memory and should place the company on good footing for such new applications.

Claim 1 of US 7115901:

1. A non-volatile field effect device, comprising: a source, drain and gate with a field-modulatable channel between the source and drain, each of the source, drain, and gate having a corresponding terminal; an electromechanically-deflectable, nanotube switching element electrically positioned between one of the source, drain and gate and its corresponding terminal, the others of said source, drain and gate being directly connected to their corresponding terminals; wherein the nanotube switching element is electromechanically-deflectable in response to electrical stimulation at two control terminals to create one of a non-volatile open and non-volatile closed electrical communication state between the one of the source, drain and gate and its corresponding terminal.

Claim 1 of US 7115960:

1. A switching element, comprising an input node; an output node; a nanotube channel element having at least one electrically conductive nanotube; a control electrode disposed in relation to the nanotube channel element to form an electrically conductive channel between said input node and said output node, wherein said channel at least includes said nanotube channel element; and wherein said output node is constructed and arranged so that channel formation is substantially unaffected by the electrical state of the output node.