Wednesday, March 30, 2011

US Patent 7915539 - Carbon nanotube electric part

This patent is from Fuji Xerox and includes some relatively broad claims for using carbon nanotubes in forming an electrical component. The priority date for this patent is Feb. 24, 2003. Two nanotube related patents which may interfere with this patent appear to be US 6918284 from the U.S. Navy (priority April 25, 2003) and US 6979244 from Canon. Claim 1 reads:

1. An electric part comprising:

a nonconductive base matrix member;

a carbon nanotube group that is sealed within the nonconductive base matrix member, and wherein the carbon nanotube group includes a plurality of carbon nanotubes, the plurality of carbon nanotubes are electrically connected to each other and are in physical contact with each other, in which substantially only an end portion of a carbon nanotube contained in the plurality of carbon nanotubes is exposed from one surface of the nonconductive base matrix member; and

an electrode that is connected to a side surface of at least one carbon nanotube included in the carbon nanotube group.