Tuesday, June 22, 2010

US Patent 7741197 - Reduced contamination deposition of nanowires


In order to enable silicon nanowires electronics it is necessary to provide integration techniques resulting in devices with uniform and reproducible characteristics. This latest patent from Nanosys teaches one method of nanowire deposition designed to improve the device consistency for mass production. Claim 1 reads:

1. A process for depositing nanowires onto a substrate surface which comprises at least one pair of electrodes, comprising:

(a) placing at least a portion of the substrate surface into contact with a fluid suspension of nanowires;

(b) moving the fluid suspension and/or the substrate surface relative to one another; and

(c) applying an electric field between the at least one pair of electrodes to electrostatically deposit one or more of the nanowires on the substrate surface and align the one or more nanowires between the pair of electrodes so that each said electrostatically deposited one or more nanowires spans the pair of electrodes.