Thursday, April 22, 2010

US Patent 7701428 - Integrated display including nanowire selection transistors

Flat panel displays currently use thin film transistor technology in the selection of pixels. However, the use of thin film silicon produces limitations on the size and weight of the displays. This patent from Nanosys teaches forming nanowire transistors to enable new types of displays using plastic and flexible materials. Claim 1 reads:

1. An active matrix backplane used within a display, comprising:

a plurality of pixels;

a plurality of column transistors, wherein a column transistor within said plurality of column transistors applies a voltage across a subset of a plurality of pixel transistors;

a plurality of row transistors, wherein at least two row transistors within said plurality of row transistors turns a corresponding pixel transistor on and off;

a plurality of pixel transistors, wherein a pixel transistor within said plurality of pixel transistors controls a corresponding pixel within said plurality of pixels; and

edge electronics that control one or more of said column transistors, said row transistors, and said pixel transistors, wherein said edge electronics comprises a plurality of nanowire transistors each comprising a plurality of nanowires extending between a first source electrode and a first drain electrode of the transistor.