Wednesday, September 30, 2009

US Patent 7594982 - Porous nanostructured transparent electrode

There has been increasing interest in recent years for using nanomaterials to form transparent electrodes. In applications such as LCDs and solar cells such nanomaterials can offer a more cost effective alternative to conventional transparent electrode materials such as indium tin oxide. This patent from Nanosolar teaches one variety of nanostructured electrode based on a porous film which is applied to photovoltaic applications. Claim 1 reads:

1. A nanostructured transparent conducting electrode, comprising:

a nano-architected transparent porous film having a plurality of interconnected pores, wherein the pores are interconnected by an ordered network of connecting structures in the film;

an electrically conductive material that substantially fills the pores and connecting structures in the nano-architected porous film to form a network of interconnected conductive structures in the porous film; and

a layer of transparent conducting material,

wherein the nano-architectured porous film is disposed on the layer of transparent conducting material.