Wednesday, August 19, 2009

US Patent 7576353 - Ballistic deflection transistor

This patent from researchers at the University of Rochester teaches a new type of transistor based on ballistic transport enabling ultra-high speed (THz) and low power logic circuit designs. An article from the University of Rochester explains that:

"Since there are no conventional junctions, the operating voltage is very low, making it suitable for low power applications. The projected power usage is expected to be 10% of conventional designs. Unlike conventional designs, this design will improve with reduced scale fabrication processes by using even less power and becoming more accurate with a better signal to noise ratio. The ultra-high speed capability will enable new approaches to telecommunications and computing."

1. A ballistic deflection transistor comprising:

a substrate;

a quantum well formed in the substrate;

a plurality of paths in the substrate to define a hub and a plurality of ports extending from the hub;

a deflective structure formed in the hub; and

a plurality of gates formed in the substrate to be adjacent to one of the ports to apply a capacitive or inductive field to electrons entering at said one of the ports.