Wednesday, February 06, 2008

US Patent 7326365 - Nanocrystal composite temperature sensor

This patent from M.I.T. (priority 2/9/2001) includes some very basic claims to semiconductor nanocrystal composites which are disclosed as useful as temperature sensing materials. Claims 3 and 12 read:

3. A method of making a composite, comprising: providing a semiconductor nanocrystal including a first compound on an outer surface of the nanocrystal, wherein the compound includes a reactive moiety; and reacting the first compound with a second compound to form an inorganic matrix.

12. A composite comprising a plurality of semiconductor nanocrystals incorporated in a binder including a matrix, wherein an outer surface of at least one nanocrystal includes a compound that includes a moiety that reacts with a component of the matrix, or is incorporated into the matrix; wherein the binder includes an inorganic matrix, and at least one semiconductor nanocrystal includes a first semiconductor material and an overcoating including a second semiconductor material.