Wednesday, May 30, 2007

US 7224039 - Diamond nanoparticle dielectric

Continuation of Moore's law (related to the exponential increase in transistor density of electronics over time) has required a search for new dielectric materials. Intel has introduced hafnium based high-K dielectric which reduce current leakage and allow for smaller insulation thicknesses. This patent from a company called International Technology goes in the other direction and proposes a low-K dielectric that are more immune to parasitic capacitance effects and which are formed using a polymer composite that includes diamond or diamond-like nanoparticles. Claim 6 reads:

6. A dielectric material suitable for use as a semiconductor interlayer dielectric, comprising an admixture of low dielectric polymer with nanoelements, wherein the nanoelements comprise one or more of the nanoelements selected from the group consisting of diamond nanoparticles, diamond nanorods, silicon carbide nanoparticles and silicon carbide nanorods, and wherein the nanoparticles have a largest dimension that is less than approximately 50 nanometers.

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