Saturday, September 02, 2006 - Community Patent Review

I received a request via e-mail to post this in my blog. It looks interesting.

Announcing... - Community Patent Review! WikiPatents recently became the first and only web site to enable organized public comment on issued patents and, soon, pending patent applications. WikiPatents was developed to strengthen the U.S. patent system by providing increased visibility into the legal strength, technical merits, and market aspects of each patent through public comment. Through our combined support and participation, WikiPatents will become an indispensable resource to increase certainty for patent Examiners, law firms, future litigants, licensees, potential investors, inventors, and patent owners.

The WikiPatents Community was established largely in response to the USPTO's recent focus on improving patent quality. "The USPTO clearly has a responsibility to do everything it can to improve America's patent system. That is why we are undertaking this collaborative approach – putting forth quality and efficiency proposals for the patent community to give us feedback," said Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property Jon Dudas. "Applicants and the public deserve certainty. This focus on quality of applications and closure of the examination process will provide more certainty. Everyone agrees that better quality input will result in a better quality end product." (See ) By adding and voting on overlooked prior art and submitting public comments on the merits of issued patents, the WikiPatents Community provides an invaluable resource to patent Examiners reviewing related pending applications.

Anyone can join the WikiPatents Community for free and voice concerns, praise, comments, and opinions on any issued patent. As a member, you can:

Add prior art, and vote and comment on its relevancy and implications
Add relevant links and other useful resources
Promote specific patents by linking them to social news, bookmarking, and networking sites
Comment and vote on the legal strength and technical merits of patents
Value patents by calculating market size, market share, and reasonable royalties
Discuss licensing options
Add relevant information about the inventor(s) and/or owner(s) of patents
Comment on the legal strength and technical merits of patents
Download free patent PDFs.
WikiPatents has exciting plans beyond its initial "beta launch" to improve and expand the site into a thriving community of public commentary on patents and pending patent applications. Please support the site's launch by adding your comments to a patent of interest. More information about the is available by viewing the site's FAQs.