Saturday, June 17, 2006

US Patent 7060510- Photoinduced Nanofabricaton on a Ferroelectric Substrate

Plasmonics is a new field emerging from nanotechnology. Whereas electronics deals with devices based on electron flow and photonics deals with devices based on the flow of light (i.e. photons), plasmonics is concerned with the flow of the density waves of electrons, which behave more according to the wavelike nature of light than the particulate nature of electrons. Plasmonics could lead to higher speed switching and computation and nanostructured materials are being used to extend the capabilities of plasmonic based devices. This patent deals with the fabrication of such plasmonic devices based upon a ferroelectric substrate with a particular polarization distribution that is dip coated with a solution of electrically conductive metal ions which are photoreduced to create a desired pattern of nanoparticles. Claim 1 reads:

1. A method of preparing one or more opto-electronic components by patterning nanoparticles in an arrangement that facilitates a response to optical illumination, comprising: a) applying an electric field in a patterned arrangement to at least a portion of a ferroelectric surface to induce a patterned polarization distribution of the portion of the ferroelectric surface; and b) photodepositing a plurality of nanoparticles on the portion of the ferroelectric surface having the patterned polarization distribution, at least a portion of the plurality of nanoparticles being positioned adjacent to one or more electrodes.