Saturday, May 13, 2006

US Patent 7041709 - Nanoparticles for Dental Adhesive

The FDA has taken a particular interest in the effects of nanotechnology on their regulatory efforts The reason behind this interest is that some early applications of nanotechnology involve drug delivery mechanisms, cosmetics, and other applications relevant to the FDA's function.

This patent introduces another area where FDA interest might lie-dental adhesives. Claim 1 reads

1. A composition comprising: nanoparticles, each said nanoparticles comprising a siloxane moiety, said siloxane moiety having at least one acidic moiety and at least one polymerizable moiety.

The composition produces a hydrolysis stable, self-etching, self-priming dental adhesive which adheres strongly to surfaces of dental materials, such as dentin, enamel, metal, ceramics, and polymeric material, without prior etching or priming of the surfaces.